Starlink and Us

After a day thinking about it, here are my expanded thoughts on Starlink and it’s initial 60-satellite launch 2 days ago.

I don’t think people understand how important this SpaceX Starlink constellation is yet. Namely, we’re living in the future now and even sooner than we think.

The 4B people (mostly developing countries) that aren’t on the worldwide internet are going to have cheap access in 2-3 years because of this (or nearly instantaneously when it turns on). That’s amazing – we’re talking about revenues of increased to $30B-$50B for SpaceX in just a single day/week/month too (to further space exploration and colonizing the Moon and Mars). We’re talking about a social media app like Facebook going from 2B users to 6B users, potentially, in a single day/week/month (obviously not accurate, but just explaining the potential situation). Other possibilities:

  1. We’ll be able to live anywhere, practically, with access to the Internet and all services.
  2. Developing countries will suddenly have access to all apps, info, and data that’s accessible to us in Silicon Valley in just one day, cheaply.
  3. We’ll be able to have all your devices, individually, connected to the Internet from practically anywhere.
  4. Companies will be able to improve logistics and fleet routes to decrease, significantly, travel time for shipped goods.
  5. Tons and tons of data collection across all devices (e.g. clean tech and electricity consumption and weather devices) at high throughput.

Lots of implications when you start really delving into what this constellation means, I think.